150px-Gregorie Plat

A unicorn pony using magic.

Unicorn Ponies are identified by their horns located on the top of their heads. They are ponies who are capable of using magic. The magic that surrounds their horn when in use comes in a variety of colors unique to the unicorn. Unicorn Ponies seem to use their wits to overcome a problem, like Rarity overcoming her captors in A Dog and Pony Show. Often, they are shown manipulating various objects using their magic. Young Unicorn Ponies seem to be unable to efficiently use their magic until they are older, as Sweetie Belle avoids the use of her horn, (In The Sisterhooves Social, she is shown picking the flier up with her hooves to show Rarity insted of simply using her horn.) but this may simply be her preference. Their horn length may be indicators of royalty, as Pince Blueblood is shown to have a very long horn. In Hearth's Warming Eve, it was stated that Unicorn Ponies controlled the sun and moon before Luna and Celestia's rulings. Unicorns are shown residing in Ponyville, Canterlot, and Manehattan. Ordinarily, they are not present in Cloudsdale, since they cannot walk on clouds like Pegasi.