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Lyra and Bon Bon is one of the earliest, most widely adopted and most widely fan art/fictionalized ship in the Brony fandom.


Sparked by the fact that they were often seen together in early episodes and appeared to be on a lunch date in Swarm of the Century, people soon started pairing the two together. As one TvTropes commentator astutely observed, this acted as a positive feedback loop with the popularity for one feeding the other until both were some of the most popular background characters in the fandom. Even when the two are not explicitly shipped, people tend to consider them platonic life partners.

The pair's contrasting personalities are a good part of their pairing.

Lyra could be considered to be the more popular of the two, as Bon Bon’s status as an independent character is rendered suspect by the lack of any fanart or fiction with her on her own. With that said Lyra and Bon Bon works outnumber works with Lyra on her own, and her down to earth, cynical personality bounces nicely off the very eccentric Lyra.




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