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Lyra Heartstrings
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Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Coat Color: Magic Mint
Cutie Mark: Lyre

Lyra Heartstrings is a popular background pony, with a large presence in the fandom.


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Lyra has an magic mint coat, sunglow eyes and a brilliant cyan and white mist mane and tail with white highlights. Her cutie mark is a lyre. She is very noticeable in the background of scenes as she seems to be very emotional, jumping up and down at the Summer Sun Celebration in Friendship is Magic, Part 1 and bursting into tears when a Parasprite eats her pie in Swarm of the Century. She's also gained attention with her curious sitting pose, seen reclining on a bench like a human. She was given a small speaking role in the two parter of the season two finale, A Canterlot Wedding, in both parts one and two, as one of the three bridesmaids of Princess Cadence. Although Lyra was not named during the episode, she does make several apperances throughout the duration of the two parter, including speaking lines. She is also depicted as a changling.


  • Due to the large amount of time she spent without an official name, the fans dubbed her Lyra, due to her cutie mark being a lyre. Hasbro later released a toy with similar coloring and cutie mark as her with the name Heartstrings'. Later toys have referred to her as Lyra Heartstrings, a combination of the two




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