The following is a list of episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Season 1

# Title Writer Original airdate
1Friendship is Magic, Part 1 Lauren Faust 2010-10-10
2Friendship is Magic, Part 2 Lauren Faust 2010-10-22
3The Ticket Master Amy Keating Rogers 2010-10-29
4Applebuck Season Amy Keating Rogers 2010-11-05
5Griffon the Brush Off Cindy Morrow 2010-11-12
6Boast Busters Chris Savino 2010-11-19
7Dragonshy Meghan McCarthy 2010-11-26
8Look Before You Sleep Charlotte Fullerton 2010-12-03
9Bridle Gossip Amy Keating Rogers 2010-12-10
10Swarm of the Century M.A. Larson 2010-12-17
11Winter Wrap Up Cindy Morrow 2010-12-24
12Call of the Cutie Meghan McCarthy 2011-01-07
13Fall Weather Friends Amy Keating Rogers 2011-01-28
14Suited for Success Charlotte Fullerton 2011-02-04
15Feeling Pinkie Keen Dave Polsky 2011-02-11
16Sonic Rainboom M.A. Larson 2011-02-18
17Stare Master Chris Savino 2011-02-25
18The Show Stoppers Cindy Morrow 2011-03-04
19A Dog and Pony Show Amy Keating Rogers 2011-03-11
20Green Isn't Your Color Meghan McCarthy 2011-03-18
21Over a Barrel Dave Polsky 2011-03-25
22A Bird in the Hoof Charlotte Fullerton 2011-04-08
23The Cutie Mark Chronicles M.A. Larson 2011-04-15
24Owl's Well That Ends Well Cindy Morrow 2011-04-22
25Party of One Meghan McCarthy 2011-04-29
26The Best Night Ever Amy Keating Rogers 2011-05-06

Season 2

# Title Writer Original airdate
1The Return of Harmony, Part 1 M.A. Larson 2011-09-17
2The Return of Harmony, Part 2 M.A. Larson 2011-09-24
3Lesson Zero Meghan McCarthy 2011-10-15
4Luna Eclipsed M.A. Larson 2011-10-22
5Sisterhooves Social Cindy Morrow 2011-11-05
6The Cutie Pox Amy Keating Rogers 2011-11-12
7May the Best Pet Win! Charlotte Fullerton 2011-11-19
8The Mysterious Mare Do Well Merriwether Williams 2011-11-26
9Sweet and Elite Meghan McCarthy 2011-12-03
10Secret of my Excess M.A. Larson 2011-12-10
11Hearth's Warming Eve Merriwether Williams 2011-12-17
12Family Appreciation Day Cindy Morrow 2012-01-07
13Baby Cakes Charlotte Fullerton 2012-01-14
14The Last Roundup Amy Keating Rogers 2012-01-21
15The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 M.A. Larson 2012-01-28
16Read It and Weep Cindy Morrow2012-02-04
17Hearts and Hooves Day Meghan McCarthy 2012-02-11
18A Friend in Deed Amy Keating Rogers 2012-02-18
19Putting Your Hoof Down Merriwether Williams
Story by Charlotte Fullerton
20It's About Time M.A. Larson 2012-03-10
21Dragon Quest Merriwether Williams 2012-03-17
22Hurricane Fluttershy Cindy Morrow 2012-03-24
23Ponyville Confidential M.A. Larson 2012-03-31
24MMMystery on the Friendship Express Amy Keating Rogers 2012-04-04
25A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1 Meghan McCarthy 2012-04-21
26A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2 Meghan McCarthy 2012-04-21

Season 3

# Title Writer Original airdate
1The Crystal Empire, Part 1 Meghan McCarthy 2012-11-10
2The Crystal Empire, Part 2 Meghan McCarthy 2012-11-10
3Too Many Pinkie Pies Dave Polsky 2012-11-17
4One Bad Apple Cindy Morrow 2012-11-24
5Magic Duel M.A. Larson 2012-12-01
6Sleepless in Ponyville Corey Powell 2012-12-08
7Wonderbolt Academy Merriwether Williams 2012-12-15
8Apple Family Reunion Cindy Morrow 2012-12-22
9Spike At Your Service Merriwether Williams; story by Dave Polsky 2012-12-29
10Keep Calm and Flutter On

Dave Polsky; story by Teddy Antonio

11Just for Sidekicks Corey Powell 2013-01-26
12Games Ponies Play Dave Polsky 2013-02-09
13Magical Mystery Cure M.A. Larson 2013-02-16

Season 4

Coming soon...

*Episode above based on MLP:FIM Wiki.*