Jukebox James/JJ

(James Cyrus Jewel)


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Element Of Forgiveness
Vital statistics
Gender: Stallion
Kind: Earth Pony
Residence: Ponyville

Chrystal Prep (Originally)

Occupation: Delivery Colt, Musician, Rapper, Song Writer, Singer
Eyes: Brown
Mane: Black Liberty Spikes (Ponyville), Small Afro (Mirror World), Blue and White (Ice Transformation), Yellow (Sun/Solar Transformation)
Voiced by: Jason Pleasant
Coat Color: Brown
Cutie Mark:
New Cutie Mark (Element Of Forgiveness) (1).PNG
Messing with friends is one thing, but messing with my girlfriend, NOW THAT'S A DIFFERENT STORY!

— Jukebox James defending her love

Be Yourself, Be Cool, and as always, Friendship Is Magic

—JJ's farewell quote

Jukebox James (Born "James Cyrus Jewel") a unique pony unlike any other. Due to the fact that he loves music as much as Vinyl Scratch, he's also considered a party pony just like Pinkie Pie. He's also called "Double J" "Jukebox" or "JJ" for extra musical zing. Living on his own in ponyville away from his parents and is very wealthy. He's a talented singer, dancer, rapper, guitarist, and amateur DJ, giving himself the nick name BEATZILLA. He spends some of his time as a delivery pony delivering food or new appliances for the pony folk but most of the time, He hangs out with his friends The Dazzlings (reformed) to work on music or get an inspiration. He also represents the element of forgiveness even though he's very sensitive. He also has a special watch that can do just about anything. Invisibility, phone calls, scanning, compass, anything he can think of.

Special Powers

  • Spider Powers (Spider-Man)

JJ and his sister were having so much in a park in Mandehattan playing catch until Lexi threw the frisbee too hard and made JJ run into a tree. JJ blacked out and a tarantula came crawling down from it's web and on to his hand. When Lexi rushed up to him the little spider bit the unconscious JJ and escaped in fear. Once they got home, JJ felt dizzy and woozy after being bitten by a Tarantula, think that it was some sort of poisonous venom. JJ fainted again and all the spiders DNA rushed to his veins thus giving spider powers. He then noticed the bite after 3 hours of unconsciousness and suddenly a web line came from his wrist which surprised him. From that day on, JJ began follow the footsteps of Spider-Man

  • Super Speed

Due to the determination and hard work James put through, he decided to time himself on how fast he can get a job done in a snap

  • Telekinetic Ice Power (Cryokinesis)

James visited a polar region one day and while having a snowball fight with his sister, he decided to take it up a notch and learn how to throw ice and snow using telekinesis

During his time in Canterlot, James was pretty desperate of finding a new abilities to learn. So he went to Princess Celestia to help him and the decision was clear

In Equestria as the element of forgiveness. He never realized how hard it is to control Equestrian Magic. Twilight Sparkle kindly showed him the ropes and now he's a master at it

  • Pixie Dust Flight (Given to him from Tinker Bell)

James is actually outgoing with every being in the world; Even fairies. Tinker Bell gave him a pouch of Pixie dust as a goodbye gift for visiting Pixie Hollow

  • Healing Magic (Learned from Twilight Sparkle, Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Marvel's Wolverine)

James feels like nothing can hurt him and thought to make himself revive again and again. So, he traveled around the world and Equestria to learn how to heal himself and others when they're too weak to battle again

  • Clothes Changing Magic (Self-taught)

Out of all the magic he's learned, James taught himself how change his wardrobe without heading to a fitting room

Through the magic of Friendship, JJ can morph into any Power Ranger in existance

Tickle Times

Sometimes James likes to have fun by tickling his friends but Pinkie Pie and Sonata Dusk are the only ones he finds to be the most ticklish. He on the other hoof gets tickled to.

Ponies who got tickled By James

Ponies who tickled James

Cutie Mark description

  • Heart - Love, passion, spreading forgiveness
  • Musical notes - Love for Music


  • Equestria - Black Mane, Brown eyes, Blue Tail, White Watch
  • Canterlot High - Mostly wears white open jacket (Short or long sleeve), blue t-shirt w/ cutie mark and name, Blue or Black Jeans, Black or White Sneakers

Back story

Emerald Storm - Brother Alexis Charmaine - Sister

school scrap childhood

As a kid in the mirror world, he was picked on by millions of people at school just because he had various super powers. They use to call him "Daddy 8-legs", "Freezer Freak", "Speedy Weakling" but the most common one was "JERKBOX JAMES". These names came mostly from The "Bring Down Brigade" Whrilagig, Sea Angel, and Swift Jet; 3 of the most popular kids in school, talks with other "Populars" but always talk insultively to the "Unique, Unpopular or Weird" just because they're different. They believe the everyone should be a normal everyday person NEVER DIFFERENT (It's basically a school tradition for them) but his family loved him just the way he is.  

Power comes responsibility

During his young age days, James has been to different places during his family vacations and learned new abilities. His dad always says to him a stronger man stands up for others; Even if they're in danger. Right when Travis said that to him, he decided to ask his mom if he can travel on his own with his brother Emerald Storm for a few minutes. When she approved it, he used his watch for making a portal to different worlds. He and emery had a blast visiting world by world and meeting friendly folks unaware that he got bitten by a tarantula along the way. (THIS DOESN'T MEAN HE JUST GOT SOME FRIENDS NOW, HE WAS STILL PICKED ON BY THE KIDS) until when they got back with their parents, Emerald noticed a note and a bunch of going away gifts from the people he and James met. As Emerald was finished reading the note, James made a solemn vow saying that he'll use these abilities for good and not evil.

Grown-Up and Running Away

Growing up, was very difficult; He was a hard working janitor earning $1,000 a month. His dad on the other hand (Or hoof) started caring only about himself as James turned 16 and wants to keep all the money that Jame's earned to himself (Since this is child based, I decided not to tell you what REALLY happened with James's Dad). Devastated by his father's behavior, he decided to move out of the house, Take all his money back and live on his own. He Stumbled into a portal from the mirror world to Equestria. He finds himself in Canterlot (No Pony in sight) and then begins to start walking to find his new home until he stopped at the train station for extra transportation help.   


Months went by and James was helping Pinkie Pie helping her foal sit Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake. Once the parents came home, he told her, and the cakes mom and dad that he was homeless. Needless to say, everypony was shocked that all this time he's been living here without a home. So Pinkie was kind enough 

Kaitlin Natasha - Mother

to have Twilight Sparkle, and the others to make a little home for him. Rarity Made some fancy touches, Rainbow Dash made his bed room "Awesome" and Applejack made a special kitchen with lots of surprises and nourishment.

Big Misunderstanding

While he was in ponyville, James was outside behind Twilight's castle practicing his super abilities on a obstacle course he made himself when Rainbow Dash and the others was watching undetected. When she saw that first web line, she was amazed, but when she saw all the magic he got and flight without wings, she was shocked. The others (Except Twilight, Spike, Starlight and Fluttershy. They were in Canterlot to talk to Celestia and Luna about him) forms a town meeting with everypony and when Pinkie spotted him in town (he investigated what the comomtion is about) they ran him out of equestria just because he's different. Once he was gone, the mane 5, had a "good riddance" party for James for being a "Super Zero" (In the words of Rainbow Dash). Twilight and Fluttershy asks where James is and once the truth was out, They set off to find him. James comes back to Ponyville and Rainbow apologizes for accusing him and didn't realized that being different is part of who sompony is. James accepts the apology and gives everypony a group hug

Battles to besties

A few months later after a battle with Lord Tirek, Princess Celestia, Granted him the title as element of forgiveness; helping ponies to change their old ways and make new friends (Focus on the future, Not The Past).

Canterlot High First Attendance

At the age of 15, James attended Canterlot High for the first time. He felt 

JJ in Human Form

worried and apprehensive thinking that the insults will come back to him but without warning, THEY DIDN'T. James was the new kid on the block some people say; stitting all alone in the cafeteria, looking at people making sure they don't notice, and talking a little quiet (Basically, he's got the Fluttershy Feeling). Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were the first ones to notice him when they heard him in the band room alone Rapping about his past. He was later introduced to Rainbow Dash, Sunset Shimmer and Applejack by the others during lunch when he was alone again and now he's feeling a little more comfortable.


He can be a lot of fun most of the time. He's energetic, helpful, caring, loving, mild tempered (never vengeful), a little jumpy, a little clumsy (NOT TOO CLUMSY), protective, hard working and very sensitive (Tears up when friends start arguing MOSTLY).


  • Pizza
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Partying
  • Having Fun
  • Pulling harmless pranks (Some of the time)
  • Hanging out
  • Giving Hugs


  • Getting teased
  • Getting blamed
  • getting confronted with anger from others (Twilight Sparkle Mostly)
  • seeing friends being mis-treated
  • Getting Pranked to be taught him a lesson (THE HARD WAY) (Not from Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie)
  • Vengful acts


  • Fluttershy acting stern (BIGGEST - tends to go into hiding and begins to tear up)
  • Losing his friends
  • Nightmares of his past


Living in Equestria and visiting the Mirror World from time to time, James sometimes gives nicknames to most of the friends he's made so far

  • Twilight Sparkle - Sparklina, Sparkles, Sparks
  • Pinkie Pie - (The) Pinks, Pinkerino
  • Fluttershy - Flutters
  • Rainbow Dash - Princess Awesomeness, Dash
  • Rarity - Princess Dazzle, Rar-Bear
  • Scootaloo - Scoot-o, Scootz
  • Sunset Shimmer - Shim-Sham, Shimmerino, Double S, Shimz, Sunshine
  • Aria Blaze - Blazer
  • Sonata Dusk - Duskie, Babe (Girlfriend), Honey (Married), cuteness (Married/Girlfriend)
  • Derpy Hooves - Derpz
  • Vinyl Scratch - V-Scratch, Scratch


  • His watch contains over 345,072 apps and 2,456,732,638 in storage space
  • married to Sonata Dusk
  • He says that he's a really fast counter
  • Sometimes pulls out somethings from his pockets just to scare someponies but never kills
  • He's also the manager and part-time performer for the dazzlings
  • When his friends get into an argument he yells and them and then tears up (tries his best to hold back sometimes)
  • He mostly gets his food deliveries from Mr. and Mrs Cake
  • Growing up on the weekends back in his house he learned guitar, drums and the turntables
  • He really loves hugs
  • Got his Music note Cutie Mark since he performed in the musical "Hairspray"
  • he, Alexis (Sister) and Emerald (Brother) we're born in the Mirror World
  • he was home-schooled due to all the trouble he's been through
  • Rarity cried tears of joy when She, Fluttershy and Pinkie heard him
  • James's Hair Changes From Liberty Spikes to short Afro in the Mirror World
  • Double J's Cutie Mark Changed from a music note to a heart with musical notes
  • At age 14, Double J has been all around different worlds to make new friends and became very lucky
  • Given a pouch of Pixie dust at the age of 5
  • His personal favorite catchphrase is "not a chance for that kind of dance"
  • favorite colors Blue, White and Black
  • Worked as a janitor at the age of 12 and retired at age 15 
  • James made up names for the Rainbooms instruments during his time in Canterlot High 
  • James's love for music has made his hand formed into a special glove (Similar like Michael Jackson wears) to harness the magic of friendship  
  • James's Mom sung a little rhyme to help him tie a bow tie and teaches Fluttershy one time while getting ready for the Grand Galloping Gala  
  • When He's out on tour with the Dazzlngs......  

A. He Invites the elements of harmony with the princesses

B. He finds his personal Photographer is Photo Finish

and C. He Sometimes builds an after party with Pinkie Pie

  • He's not very comfortable around Maud Pie. Due to the fact she's not as energetic as Pinkie is
  • Whenever he feels liked he's blamed or if he gets pranked from other ponies (Not Including Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie), he's DESPRATELY HUMILIATED; In other words makes him relive his past of being pranked in the first place
  • His Human side Plays Guitar
  • sometimes his pony side's mane and tail change style due to his emotions
  • He was introduced to the Power Rangers by a Pony named Ranger Prism


  • "Hey What's up"
  • "Oh no. No no no. No. No no no no and if it wasn't clear enough, NO!"
  • "Whoa! Chill, Chill!"
  • "Ay-yi-yicurrumba!"
  • "What in the name of La-Dee-Da is that?"
  • "You are seriously twisted"
  • "You gotta be kidding"
  • (High pitched voice) "G'AI!"
  • "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ho ho ho hoooooooo yeah!"
  • "Oh Jeez!"
  • "AH you gotta be kidding me!"
  • "Let's get this party STARTED!"
  • "Very Sophisticated Rarity. I love it"
  • "You don't have to get so snappy about it"
  • "I guess it's time to bring out the big guns"
  • "Yoo hoo!"
  • "Come on girls. Pull yourself together"
  • "D'OH!"
  • "I think it's time to show the wonderbolts what the amazing Rainbow Dash can REALLY DO!"
  • "Oh! That's gonna leave a bruise"
  • "WHOA! She's fast"
  • "Oh boy. This is not going to end well"
  • "Look who's talking now"
  • "You're such a card"
  • "Why tell, when I can show"
  • "No. Way!"
  • "Whoa! Watch it there"
  • "whoops. Meant to do that"
  • "Dear Princess Celestia......"
  • "Your friend, Jukebox James"
  • "Guess it's time for us to hit the sack"
  • "I got it"
  • "GOTCHA!"
  • "D'ah Carrot Sticks!"
  • "I did not see this coming"
  • "Hey you got me"
  • "Okay I just have one single question. WHAT THE HECK!?"
  • "ohbyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy!"
  • "Lucky"
  • "You mind if I have a hug?"
  • "Oh yeah"
  • "Don't worry everything will be fine"
  • "Come on girls. Let's go"
  • "Come on. Let's get going"
  • "Too serious?"
  • "She's right"
  • "Go Time"
  • "I'm not kidding"
  • "Now that is fast delivery"
  • "That was easy"
  • "You're scaring Fluttershy to death!"
  • "Okay, okay, okay take it easy"
  • Did I st-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tutter?"
  • "Night everypony"
  • "You're scared huh?"
  • "Look on the bright side"
  • "Holy smokes I'm late"
  • "Messing with my friends is one thing but messing with my girlfriend, NOW THAT'S A DIFFERENT STORY"
  • "Yeah"
  • "DARN IT!"
  • "Can we get on with this!?"
  • "You said what now?"
  • "Seriously?"
  • "Fine"
  • "With every bone in my body"
  • "Not sure"
  • "That was no dream sister"
  • "JUST DO IT!"
  • "LEXI!"
  • "Awwwww stop. You're making me blush"
  • "ENOUGH!"
  • "I'm not sure if I do either baby sister"
  • "Awww you're so cute"
  • "FREEZE!"
  • "keep your eyes and ears open for this"
  • "(Singing) Loppity Loop and through the hoop, pull it tight now that's alright"
  • "You can't go wrong when you put it in a song"
  • "Friendship Is Magic you always say eh Twilight?"
  • "Shalom Aleichem Everypony"
  • "WHAT TEAM!?.......WHAT TEAM!?.......WHAT TEAM!?.........WONDERCOLTS!"
  • "LET'S DO IT TO IT!"
  • "Oh! it is on like Donkey Kong!"
  • "Can't wait to see this in action"
  • "What's the use?"
  • "AWOW!"
  • "Oh Man! Throw another shrimp on the barbie girls cause HERE I COME!"
  • "Crazy Yank(s)!
  • "Killjoy"
  • "buzz kill"
  • "Check it!"
  • "Time for Dr. Jukebox to make a house call"
  • "looks like the fish has swallowed the bait"
  • "Hold it"
  • "Twilight.......Twilight.......Twilight PLEASE!"
  • "I need some air"
  • "Just forget it"
  • "I SAID STOP!"
  • "Oh that's perfect! JUST PERFECT!"
  • "Play Nice"
  • "got a better idea?"
  • "Look at you ARGH!/ARF!
  • "A little voice inside of me is saying "This is a bad idea" but I can barely hear that little voice that's speaking over a louder voice which is saying "LET THE FREAK OF A PONY DRIVE!""


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