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Dinky Hooves
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Kind: Unicorn
Residence: Derpy's house
Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
Eyes: Yellow
Mane: Yellow
Voiced by: None
Coat Color: Lavender
Cutie Mark: Golden Bow and Arrow, A pair of dolphins, A pillow and a purple horseshoe.

Dinky Hooves is the fan-based daughter of Derpy Hooves.


Dinky Hooves is a fan-based name given to a filly unicorn and is considered Derpy Hooves' daughter or little sister, because she was in the episode Sisterhooves Social, by fans.

Dinky Hooves has a pale purple fur coat color, blonde mane and tailand yellow eyes, however her eyes are not "derped" like Derpy's. Dinky Hooves supports many cutie marks including a dolphin, a bubble wand, a pillow, and an archer bow. Dinky Hooves' name comes from Derpy Hooves due to fans believing Dinky Hooves is Derpy's daughter. Other names fans gave to Dinky Hooves are Dinky Doo and Little Dinky. Derpy has a strong love for her and calls her cutesy nicknames.


Dinky Hooves makes her debut appearance in Winter Wrap Up when she is seen jumping up and down when they were singing. Throughout the song, Dinky Hooves was shown multiple times, although each scene, Dinky Hooves had a different cutie mark.

Dinky Hooves' next appearance was in Lesson Zero at Magic School during Twilight Sparkle 's dream.

Another appearance for Dinky Hooves was in season 2, episode 6 "The Cutie Pox". She is seen in the background when the students are cheering for Applebloom and she is seen with "derpy" eyes.

Dinky Hooves' had another apperance in A Friend in Deed during the Smile song, while shes jump roping one of the fillies is Dinky Hooves

Another appearance was during the Life in Equestria song of season 3. She is shown standing next to Dr Whooves. 

In season 5, Dinky is shown sitting next to Derpy outside of Sugarcube Corner with Season 6 showing her outside of Town Hall with Derpy as well. 

Dinky's Father

Her fan-based father varies between either Doctor Whooves or Ponet. Ponet is probably a more logical choice because Dr. Whooves is not a unicorn while Ponet is and Ponet has Dinky's colors. However, in the season 3 finale, she is shown near the end, standing next to Doctor Whooves.