Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Kind: Earth Pony
Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Teacher
Eyes: green
Mane: pink
Voiced by: {{{voice}}}
Coat Color: magenta
Cutie Mark: three flowers with smiling faces

Cheerilee is an Earth Pony. She is the teacher at the school in Ponyville.


Cheerilee is a cheerful earth pony who serves as a teacher for the foals of Ponyville. She takes great pride in the meaning of her cutie mark and tries to help her students grow through her lessons. In Call of the Cutie, Cheerilee doesn't notice Diamond Tiara trying to pass a note to Silver Spoon until Apple Bloom has possession of the note. In the The Return of Harmony, she just shakes her head as the Cutie Marks Crusaders engage in a full out brawl before telling them to write an essay of the subject of disharmony as punishment.

She is very settled and friendly, and is hard to truly anger. Although she is always willing to put naughtly foals into their place.

A flaw of hers is that, possibly due to her cheerful nature, she is slightly naïve.

Examples of this.

1. In Family Appreciation Day, Apple Bloom marionettes Granny Smith (who is asleep) to convince Cheerilee to cancel Smith's presentation for Apple Bloom, only for it to backfire when Smith wakes up.

2. In Hearts and Hooves Day, the Cutie Mark Crusaders fool both her and Big Macintosh to drink a love potion.

3. In Ponyville Confidential, she is the advisor of the Foal Free Press, a student run newspaper and appoints Diamond Tiara as the editor, who, in her absence, abuses her authority and turns the FFP into a tabloid about slanderous rumors. Cheerilee isn't seen again until the conclusion, implying that Diamond Tiara deceived her into thinking that she was running the FFP operation smoothly to keep Cheerilee from interfering with the newspaper process.





  • The smiles on Cheerilee's cutie mark represents the students that she teaches.