Big Macintosh
Big Mac large
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Kind: Earth Pony
Residence: Sweet Apple Acres
Occupation: Farmer
Eyes: Green
Mane: Sienna
Voiced by: Peter New
Coat Color: Red
Cutie Mark: Split apple

Big Macintosh is an earth pony that is a part of the Apple Family. He is the older brother of Applejack (Ashleigh Ball) and Apple Bloom (Michelle Creber). In the spin-off television Two and a Half Ponies, he is one of the six main protagonists alongside Mr. Cake (Brian Drummond), Soarin (Matt Hill), Shining Armor (Andrew Francis), Fancy Pants, (Trevor Devall), and Thunder Lane and also speaks in a full sentences.


Big Macintosh is a remarkably strong pony, being stronger than every pony in Ponyville, combined and has a considerable amount of common sense being able to know that when Applejack thought a forest of apple bucking was easy, it would actually take days to do their own, and has a southern accent like his Applejack and every member of the Apple Family. He is commonly referred to as Big Mac.


He has a red coat,, orange mane and tail. His eyes are green, and he often keeps them closed halfway.


Big Mac seems to be a rather laid back and easygoing pony. He is also hardworking when he needs to be out apple bucking. He is nearly always seen with his family, rather then on his own. Big Mac doesn't really speak much, he usually says "Eeyup" or "Nope".


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